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Virtually any topic could theoretically make a good essay about personal growth, but it is important that the entire message conveys maturity.

In the event that main point of your essay about junior prom is the fact that you discovered that you look bad in purple and from now on you know never to put it on, you may seem like you just haven’t had plenty of meaningful growth experiences in your lifetime.

Additionally you want the growth that is personal new understanding(s) you describe in your essay to maintain positivity in general. If the conclusion of the essay is “and that’s the way I matured and realized that everyone in the global world is terrible,” that’s not going to play very well with admissions committees as you’ll seem pessimistic and not able to deal with challenges.

This prompt is asking you to describe something you’re intellectually passionate about. And also to describing a topic of personal fascination and why you’re so interested you also need to detail how you have pursued furthering your own knowledge of the topic in it. Do you undertake extra study? Hole yourself up in the library? Ask your math team coach to get more practice problems?

What Do They Want to Know?

Colleges desire to admit students who are intellectually engaged with all the world. They desire you to definitely show which you have a genuine love for the quest for knowledge. Additionally, by describing the way you’ve learned more info on your selected topic, concept, or idea, you show that you’re resourceful and self-motivated. keep reading