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1. We do NOT have the means to match an IP address with a time stamp to derive the identification of any user of our company.

We make the most of shared IP addresses, so it is not attainable to match a person to an exterior IP. In addition, all of our gateways run from RAM, so no info is published to disc. In circumstance of theft or forceful shutdown, all data is dropped.

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2. We preserve server spots in various nations but we are a US-operated corporation so as a result we are not subject matter to knowledge retention regulations. 3.

Record away chief their most important security and privacy includes.

We do not let outgoing SMTP which could open us up to SPAM concerns. We do not actively test our support for abuse at the account amount, as an alternative we examine at the server degree.

The variance is examining a server for authentic-time abuse as a substitute of examining logs for historical abuse. 4. We do not have logging, but if a DMCA complaint is received even though the offending connection is continue to lively, we end the session and notify the lively person of that session. 5. We certainly have to comply with valid court docket orders, but without having logging we can not establish buyers of previous activity.

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We also offer you the capability to indicator up anonymously making use of BitCoin. 7. We take PayPal, Credit history Playing cards, and Bitcoin.

We only keep the minimal billing information and facts necessary to provide consumers refunds. We advise end users most anxious about privateness ought to signal up with Bitcoins and use an nameless e mail tackle. 8.

OpenVPN with AES256. 1. We do not preserve any logs in anyway. 2.

The jurisdiction is Canada. Considering that we do not have log documents, we have no details to share. We do not talk with any third get-togethers. The only function in which we would even talk with a third-get together is if we obtained a courtroom order. We would then be compelled to notify them we have no facts. This has not happened nonetheless. 3.

If significant abuse is described we help tcpdump to verify the abuse and track down the consumer. These dumps are quickly taken out. If the user is abusing our provider they will be terminated completely but we have never ever shared consumer data with a third bash.

4. We do not have any open up incoming ports, so it is really not probable for us to takedown any broadcasting articles. 5. We consider every single step inside of the regulation to struggle such an buy. 6. Yes, all sorts of traffic our permitted with our solutions. 7. We settle for PayPal and Bitcoin. All payments are linked to buyers accounts since they have to be for disputes and refunds. 8. On the other hand 128-little bit blowfish is a lot fantastic. If you happen to be anxious about surveillance companies such as the NSA, their abilities are shrouded in secrecy and boasting to be ready to safeguard you is giving you practically nothing but speculation. As considerably as what is actually publicly offered for deciphering encryption, equally of the encryptions I outlined are far more than enough. 1. No. We run a zero awareness network and are unable to tie a consumer to an IP deal with. 2. United States, they will not have details retention regulations, even with their draconian surveillance packages. The only information and facts we share with any individual is billing information and facts to our payment gateway. This can be anonymized by utilizing a pre-paid out nameless card. If requested to share distinct facts about our consumers and their habits, we would be unable to do so, since we don’t have any logs of that knowledge. 3. That is mostly confidential facts. On the other hand, we can assure our customers that we do not use logging to attain this target. 4. In the function of a DMCA see, we mail out the DMCA coverage printed on our site. We have not yet gained a Valid DMCA discover. 5. We exhaust all authorized solutions to guard our end users. Failing that, we would offer all of our logs, which do not essentially exist. If required to wiretap a consumer less than a National Security Letter, we have a passively activated Warrant Canary. We would also possible choose to shut down our service and place it up elsewhere.